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KidzList Company Background

How we went from an idea to a community resource.

Welcome to Kidzlist.com. Our beginnings started with a mom who relocated to Portland, Oregon with two small children and another one on the way. She soon realized that she was asking everyone around her for local kids recommendations and spending hours online researching local businesses and schools. She didn’t know where to go with the kids when it was raining, what were the best preschools and most importantly where to have her daughters 5th birthday party. So her crave for information cultivated into this wild adventure in creating a:

One-Stop, “Online Resource for all things Kids”.

It is the answer to all those times you wondered if you were ever going to be able to find a kid friendly restaurant that you could all enjoy a meal at, or the great picnic spot or the fantastic one of a kind pediatrician. We have it all for you in one place – Kidzlist.com

What makes us stand out in the crowd of “Kids Online Resources”?

More than just lists of “kid friendly places”. You have the ability to find businesses close to you through our filtering, sorting and mapping system. We have simple lists & categories to make it easy to find anything you would need for your kids. You can read all the reviews and then make informed decisions. Parents just like you submit our reviews and ratings.

But what makes us special is our emphasis on “Local Events”. At Kidzlist you can plan a weekend with the kids easliy by accessing our simple Calendar. This calendar lets you sort and filter events by price, by age, category and location.

Kidzlist.com is the easiest and friendliest site that knows what parents are looking for when it comes to all things local for kids.